Black Chrome Owner Cutting Point SSW Straight Eye 6 Pack
SSW style hooks are now available with a straight eye. The original SSW has an up-turned eye that is designed to be snelled on the shank of the hook, but the straight eye allows for direct knot tying. This allows...
Black Chrome Owner Gorilla Light J Hook
Gorilla Light bait hooks are a lighter version of our Gorilla hooks for a more natural presentation. Use for rigging smaller live baits like anchovies, or natural baits for snappers and sheepshead. Ideal when nose-hooking baitfish for king mackerel rigs....
Black Chrome Owner Mutu Circle Hook
XX Strong. Saltwater use with up to 50 pound test line. Lighter hook encourages rigged live baits to swim more naturally.
Black Chrome Owner SSW In-Line Circle Hook
SSW Inline Circle hooks, with a straight eye, plus an in-line shank and hook point that qualifies as tournament legal. Features include an all-purpose medium shank, a super-sharp hangnail point, and a corrosion resistant black chrome finish. Ideal for presenting...
Owner Black Chrome SSW with Cutting Point Hooks
The ideal hook for baiting up roe berries for steelhead in the streams, or for rigging cut herring and trolling or mooching for salmon in salt water. Also excellent for baiting walleye, bass, tarpon and other inshore species. Features include...
Owner Stinger Treble ST-66TN
The Owner Stinger ST-66 4X Treble Hooks are perfect for upgrading and beefing up the factory rigged treble hooks on your favorite baits.  4X strong for almost unbendable strength, the Owner Stinger-66 4X Trebles also feature a short shank for...
from $15.00
V Owner Pro Parts Green UV Glow Soft Beads
Owner's soft glow beads feature a through-hole design that easily slides on line and leaders for attracting walleyes, trout, salmon and more. Slide bead over the hook eye to protect knots. Phosphor-charged beads are natural for using with saltwater Sabiki...
V Owner Pro Parts Solid Rings 8 Pack
Heavy-duty stainless solid rings that are virtually "unbreakable", and they offer superior strength as connectors between lines and leader. They resist abrasion from wire lines, and unlike split rings, will not cut through softer lines.Super heavy duty split rings, ideal...
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