Black UV Resistant Rubber Bands
Perfect for Salt Water Fishing  UV Protected Longest Lasting Band in Extreme Weather
V Owner Pro Parts Solid Rings 8 Pack
Heavy-duty stainless solid rings that are virtually "unbreakable", and they offer superior strength as connectors between lines and leader. They resist abrasion from wire lines, and unlike split rings, will not cut through softer lines.Super heavy duty split rings, ideal...
Sea Striker Green Plastic Beads 50 Pack
Finish off your rig or lure with Sea Striker® Round Beads. The fluorescent colors of these strike-tempting Round Beads from Sea Striker deliver high visibility underwater.
Tigress Ceramic Kite Rings
These high-quality Tigress Ceramic Rings are designed to make the task of feeding line to bait in order to keep it on top of the water when kite fishing easy. Ceramic Kite Rings also help minimize abrasion of the fishing...
from $12.00
V Owner Pro Parts Green UV Glow Soft Beads
Owner's soft glow beads feature a through-hole design that easily slides on line and leaders for attracting walleyes, trout, salmon and more. Slide bead over the hook eye to protect knots. Phosphor-charged beads are natural for using with saltwater Sabiki...
American Fishing Wire Single Barrel Leader Sleeves
High quality leader sleeves are available in a variety of sizes. High strength and corrosion resistance make American Fishing Wire sleeves the top choice of professional fisherman.
from $6.00
AFW 6" Bait Sewing Needles 2 Pack
The American Fishing Wire Morticians Bait Rigging Needles have razor-sharp points that easily penetrate through baits and plastics. The streamlined eye is easy to thread and won't make large holes in your bait. Use to bridle and rig live baits...
Yo-Yo Hand Reel Black
Yo-Yo Hand Reel Black
It is black in color and ready for line to be attached.
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