White SFE Ultra Light Ultimate Fishing Kite
The SFE White Ultra Light is the best light wind kite on the market. Because of this kite’s light weight build, it is able to fly stronger in lighter wind conditions without using a ballon. Made for flying between 4-15mph...
SFE Light to Heavy All Purpose Kite - Green
This Ultimate Kite is the best all around kite on the market today. Due to its versatility, this is a common kite of choice for most anglers.
TIGRESS Kite Storage Bag
TIGRESS Kite Storage Bag
Keeps your kites dry and in excellent condition Lightweight and waterproof Easy access to your assembled kites 4 Velcro straps on back to easily secure to your boat  
Black SFE 20-30 MPH Tournament Series Kite
This kite is a niche kite to be used where two kites are flown. It's purpose is to hold its relative position and maintain its spread under gustier conditions.
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